Education & Training

At TT Centre for Aesthetic Medicine, we offer personalized journey in aesthetic refinement. Enjoy one-on-one practical Education & Training for Aesthetic Injectables & Esthetician ,tailored to your unique goals. It’s the perfect place to explore the artistry of aesthetics at your own pace.

Benefit from certified 1:1 hands-on experiences, live demos, and unfiltered expert guidance. Our approach delivers not just instruction, but a transformative experience, providing tailored suggestions, techniques, and advice to help you refine your skills and achieve your aesthetic aspirations.


Education & Training for Aesthetic Injectables & Esthetician
Education & Training for Aesthetic Injectables & Esthetician

Learn the core principles of Microneedling and Dermaplaning through comprehensive 1:1 training, blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. Delve into the latest techniques and refine your skills by working on models under expert guidance.


Injection Trainings for Nurses & Physicians

Are you a licensed nurse or physician looking to expand your skills in aesthetic medicine? Join us for a theory and hands-on training with 

T.O. Medical Aesthetic Training Inc. in York, ON, Canada. Learn all about PRP, Mesotherapy, and Microneedling from expert instructors.